I’ve been waiting for a while to get some potentially exciting news.

My boss has tried to convince the powers-that-be that I should continue working for them when we move to Colorado.

Yesterday, she told me that the board has decided not to retain me. I expected to feel traumatized or rejected or something. Robby expected a tantrum or something along those lines. However, I didn’t really feel anything.

We can’t move until I have a job. While I really wish I could continue to work at my current job (which I love immensely), I understand that sometimes disappointments can lead to¬†exploration of other opportunities.

I’ve been working on my Colorado teacher certification. It’s coming along, and it’s amazing how much information they need about me. They’ve done an FBI background check (which I passed), they have a set of my fingerprints, they have basically all of my personal records — and yet, they still need me to upload proof that I’ve had three last names. That’s right. They want me to upload a copy of my marriage certificates and divorce decree.

Apparently the FBI doesn’t know as much as we think, or is too busy with other things to tell my (hopefully) future employers that I’ve been married twice.

Get ready, Colorado. I’m coming to join your workforce. Hopefully. Eventually. Whatever.