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We have a lot of stuff. A love of video games has kept us young, in that we like toys and posters. Although some might say our home looks like a college dorm room, we’re just really into what we’re into.

However, now that we’re drastically down-sizing, some of the stuff has to go. I’ve posted a list paper in each room, entitled “Must Keep”! My husband and I both add to the lists in order to be intentional about what we’re keeping, and what we’re leaving behind.

Truth? I love getting rid of stuff. I just want it out of the house. How to choose, though? What is worth keeping? What is sellable, tossable, or donateable? How can I incorporate an attitude of peace and minimalist living into our new home?

When I have these deep, difficult questions, I turn to the internet — source of all organizational wisdom. The internet would like me to use well-defined criteria, bins, and all sorts of things I’m just disinclined to incorporate.

My husband and I have developed a system, as we’re moving towards moving:

  • Will getting rid of it make me cry?
  • Have I touched it or thought about it lately?
  • Where will it go, once we sell the house?

As I’m sure you can tell, this system is very precise, super logical, and involves no emotion at all…

But, it is only January. We have time. I’ve gotten myself into quite the tizzy, putting the cart before the horse and what-not, and thankfully, my husband has had the reminder ready that we have to take this one step at a time. We can’t get rid of everything today. Deliberation takes time, and I’m a slow processor. The internet has list after list of what I should toss or keep, but only I can make the ultimate decision. Regret is not going to be a part of this process!

What is your go-to system for getting rid of the excess in  your life? What allowances have you made for yourself in deciding what to keep or toss?

The other day, my mother suggested I watch a documentary called “Minimalism” on Netflix.

Like any consumer, I live in a world that tells me I need more. One more sweater, one more screen, one more diet, one more hamburger.

I’ve been going through a personal renaissance. In 2015, I went dairy free. At the end of 2016, I went gluten free. While these changes haven’t noticeably improved my chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and migraine, they have made me more aware of what I am consuming.

A recent $13,000 estimate to repair my nearly fifty-year-old foundation was a slap in the financial face. We don’t have that kind of money. I’m a teacher. My husband rolls burritos.

The apostles left their nets to live a life of purpose. Perhaps it is time for me to leave mine and pursue a different path.

So, in the next six months, we are selling everything, and moving into a Tiny House.

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